The Foodie Bag from Cotton Bag Company Review

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The Foodie Bag from the Cotton Bag Company contains useful props so you can take the best food photos on the go.

I was sent The Foodie Bag by the Cotton Bag Company to review. All opinions are my own.

When The Cotton Bag Company reached out to ask me if I wanted to review their #TheFoodieBag, I was happy to agree because I was intrigued by the idea.

I am already someone who uses backdrops for the blog, and you may have noticed that the backgrounds of my pics constantly change.

The Foodie Bag contains backdrops created by Black Velvet Styling, a company that is one of the main players on the backdrops market in the UK, so I was happy to find four of their backdrops in the bag.

But let’s start from the beginning.

The Foodie Bag is a reusable bag that’s lightweight and looks super versatile. It has a mesh divider and an internal zip pocket, and it’s something that I can definitely use on my shopping trips.

It sits rather well on the shoulder and has some wide straps that are really comfortable.

However, the contents of the bag is what really caught my interest.

The bag is filled with some great props that make it easy to snap delicious food that will definitely look great on your Instagram feed.

Inside you will find:

  • 4 different photographic A2 backdrops from Sophie Purser’s Black Velvet Styling
  • A 15 inch 5-in-1 photographic reflector and diffuser
  • 8 postcards with lots of useful tips from Matt Inwood that help you learn how to paint beautiful photos using just your phone camera.

The backdrops lie flat when unrolled and they are made from thick paper. They look and feel great, but you need to pay attention with liquids around them as any drop will leave marks on them.

I tested the backdrops for a recipe already and the results were great.

You can see how the marble-like backdrop provides a beautiful background for my mulled wine recipe. It’s almost like it was shot in the snow!

I particularly liked the postcards with tips, as they are not only super useful but also beautiful to look at and so pleasant to the touch.

The Foodie Bag 8 Postcards With Tips

The bag is great if you’re a budding food photographer and helps you keep everything in place so you can have all your props handy.

It’s available to buy on the Paper Bag Co. website for £39.95 incl. P&P and could also make a very nice gift for the foodie in your life to help them jumpstart their photography career.